Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants

Product images

Blue anodized tree tag. Anodized and small size

Our big size and red anodized.

Green anodized aluminium with regulable base.

Product description."Anodized plaque with adjustable base"

They are adjustable base plates (adaptable to different plate sizes). This way we avoid drilling the sign and if, for example, lose a plant specifically, we just have to change the sign, can be big or small. In this case aluminum is anodized in the color that customer can choose from the four that we offer, but can be ordered by request up to 16 different colors. It is the least cost option but you can differentiate your signs with more conventional acquired elsewhere. Ideal for private gardens.

Product properties

  • Plaque material: Aluminum magnesium alloy 5754 anodized
  • Base material: Aluminium
  • Filling Material plate: It has no filler
  • Plaques measures: 9cm x 6cm x 1,5cm or; 11,5cm x 7,5cm x 1,5 cm
  • Base measures: 30 cm lenght and section 15 x 3 mm
  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Red and Green
  • Available typography: Tahoma, Arial, Courier New and Comic Sans

Prices depending on quantity

All users have quantity discounts plaque purchased at the rate of:

  Small Big
Quantity 9 x 6 cm 11,5 x 7,5 cm
1 to 8 11,00 € 11,50 €
9 to 17 10,75 € 11,25 €
18 to 34 10,50 € 11,00 €
35 to 85 10,30 € 10,80 €
86 to 170 10,20 € 10,70 €
171 to 257 10€ 10,50 €
Please, contact if you want others quantitesContact