Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants

Product images

Encephalartos lehmanni, blue color and big size. You can see two rivets.

Picea glauca. Small anodized red plaque.

Big anodized in black color. This is a Quercus sample.

Roystonea regia. Green tag. Big size and riveted to the plaque.

Product description. "Anodized plate riveted"

Is the standard plate that is sold in the shop where aluminum is anodized and colored. You can choose from 4 anodized colors, red, green, blue and black. There are also two size to choose from. Unlike the small, the large size has 2 rivets, which gives more durability to the plate. The color of the letter is the one who confers the aluminum itself to be milled. The small size is riveted with a single rivet plus some cold welding.

Product properties

  • Plaque material: Aluminum magnesium alloy 5754 anodized
  • Base material: Aluminium
  • Filling Material plate: It has no filler
  • Plaques measures: 9cm x 6cm x 1,5cm or; 11,5cm x 7,5cm x 1,5 cm
  • Base measures: 30 cm lenght and section 15 x 3 mm
  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Red and Green
  • Available typography: Tahoma, Arial, Courier New and Comic Sans

Prices depending on quantity

All users have quantity discounts plaque purchased at the rate of:

  Small Big
Quantity 9 x 6 cm 11,5 x 7,5 cm
1 to 8 7,5 8,00
9 to 17 7,25 7,75
18 to 34 7,00 7,50
35 to 85 6,80 7,30
86 to 170 6,70 7,20
171 to 257 6,50 7,0
Please, to other quantites contact Contact