Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants

Our company

All born by our love of botany, by our love for plants. It is obvious that plants are the main decorative element of our gardens. However, we do not give the importance they deserve, we limit ourselves to admire their beauty, alone or together, without knowing their names. Similarly, do not often have felt curious about the name of this or that beautiful plant and yet, no one has been able to facilitate this? The botanical identification of plants is an aspiration of both the vegetable world, which should be given its importance in our gardens, as the human race itself, which should aim to expand their knowledge, in particular, to know how to call the living beings that give you the pleasure of beauty.

In PlaquesPlants we aspire to offer to the amateur plant identification a medium of them make it at the same time, practical, safe and economical. As a means of identification, in PlaquesPlants we are inclined to do a plate very durable in metal alloy with identifying words engraved on the plate by milling machine CNC resin and painted in different colors that you can choose .

In PlaquesPlants we believe that the best way of naming plants is in a universal language, scientific nomenclature, based on the use of the Latin language, and naming each species with the combination of two basic names (genus and species) and, where applicable, the name of the variety or subspecies. Using the scientific name eliminates translation difficulties and confusion that may arise through the use of common names of different languages, which will help more accurate in identifying a species.

In this identification, PlaquesPlants proposes to add in the plaque the place of origin, and other identifying element to facilitate understanding of their needs or climatic conditions. This should not be an impediment for the customer, if desired, can accommodate your nameplate to their tastes, for example, using the common name of the plant.