Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the plaques?

The plates are aluminum magnesium alloy 5754 of 9 cm long and 6cm high and 1.5mm thick. The bar that is inserted to the floor is 30cm and 15mm x 3mm section. This bar is riveted to the board itself, making it virtually "indestructible" and extremely durable. In the rivet, and out the back, is added just enough weld cold so that the plate does not oscillate on the rod.

The letters making up the name of the plate are milled to a depth of approximately 0.25 mm and filled with resin to give the color the customer wants. This resin withstand extreme temperature changes (thermal shock), water and not emerges from the plate.

The plaque assembly (plate + rod + rivet) is rustproof, allowing use both indoors and outdoors.

How does the store?

Very easy!

As you had been seen, there are two ways to purchase. Shop for individual plaques and big orders.

In the shop you can buy as many single plaques plaques as desired. We believe that the act of filling, for example, 200 plaques can be uncomfortable, so the existence of the other store, the big order. Check the method of use of this type of store.

In the individual shop you will see a loose plaque, simply fill it with the necessary data (see next question) and add to cart. After purchase click on "see basket", check that actually you has the plaques that you want and select a payment method.

How do I use the service of recognition / identification of plants?

To use this service you must be a registered user.

The first step you should to do is buy a blank plate, that is, you only have to select the font and font color. When you select your payment method, in the text field indicates that you want to recognize a plant.

Once you have paid the items purchased and received your order number, you must send an e-mail to:, indicating the subject "Plaque Recognize Order number XXXX" (where XXXX is your order number) and give as much information as possible on up to 10mb (detail photos of the leaves, the plant's general picture, if you have one flower, fruit, etc ...)

As soon as possible our botanical experts will get to work to recognize the plant and we will e-mail you to your mail registration with the identification data thereof. From here follow the usual process of delivery.

In the event that, for any reason, it can not be recognize the plant, we will notify to your e-mail that fact and will be reimbursed the amount of your plaque (considering the quantity discount, of course)

The plants recognition service is only valid for a plate for every purchase you make, that is, if you buy 25 plates in white only entitled to recognition. You can buy 25 plaques, 24 of which filled and only 1 to identify, in this case would, in addition to recognition of a plant, the benefits of discounts for quantity purchased.

What data can I engrave on a plaque?

In Plaques Plants think that plants must be identified by its scientific name in Latin, which is a universal language, so the plaque will pick the genre in the first line, the species in the second and variety, if any, in the third. In these data, we propose to indicate the place of origin of the plant, which would appear in the final and fourth lines of writing.

Should we extend or modify that content?

This is not a minimum, as the board is limited by its own size (if the size is different, so will also be the number of characters), which means that it can only contain four lines with a total of 16 characters per line , including in white spaces. But this should not be inconvenient for these limits you can put on the plate other terms if you want, for example, the common name of the plant. In that case, you must let us know through our contact form. And as you know, plaques can be customized to the size you want, where you can put more data..

What advantages does being a registered user?

If you are a registered user you can buy on alternate days, that is, suppose that you add to the cart 20 plates and, for whatever reason, you log off the computer. The fact of being registered user would recovery all your shopping cart while if you aren`t registered you lost all data inserted.

On the other hand, only registered users will be sent via e-mail registration the special offers, such as discounts, test new products related to botany, promotions, etc ...

Finally, only registered users may use the plant recognition service.

How is the. Txt I can upload to the web to make the purchase?

It must be a text file in the genus, species, variety and place of origin are separated by a semicolon (;). Always have to be 4 fields per line. If a field is not used, because, for example, there is no variety, indicated this circumstance with the semicolon and the field would be blank. Examples:

Dioon; edule; var. Palma sola;Mexico

Brahea; decumbens;;Mexico

Syagrus sp.;;;;

That is, each line of the file is write for an insert one identify plaque. If they get more than 4 fields per line, the program will only detect the first plate.


What payment methods has the store?

You have two methods of payment: Paypal and bank transfer. Paypal offers two types of payment. with paypal account or by credit card.

Is there any additional cost if to pay a non-traditional form?

No. The only amount to be paid is for your purchase plus shipping, that is, the price shown in the shopping cart.

Are there any restrictions to make the plates?

Yes. Maximum characters (including space) that allows each line of writing of the plaque is restricted to 16 characters.

How long does it take to receive the order in my house?

Since it this is a manual production process, we can not assure exact time of delivery, if it is true that the higher quantity purchased greater will be the time delivery. At all times will be kept informed of the status of your order.

How can I know the status of my order?

According you progress with your order, we will send to the e-mail shopping developments affecting them (bought, paid for, sent, etc ...)